Ruby Crystal

Increases Health

150 Health
Builds Into

Silvermere Dawn 425 Chempunk Chainsword 300 Giant's Belt Greatly increases Health 500 Phage Attacks and kills give a small burst of speed 350 Sterak's Gage Shields against large bursts of damage 725 Winged Moonplate 400 Kindlegem Increases Health and Cooldown Reduction 400 Spectre's Cowl Improves defense and grants regeneration upon being damaged 400 Edge of Night Periodically blocks enemy abilities 1050 Hextech Rocketbelt Activate to dash forward and unleash a fiery explosion 900 Morellonomicon Increases magic damage 450 Dead Man's Plate Build momentum as you move around then smash into enemies. 900 Titanic Hydra Deals area of effect damage based on owner's health 800 Crystalline Bracer Grants Health and Health Regen 100 Force of Nature Movement Speed, Magic Resist, and max Health Regeneration 800 Leeching Leer 465 Night Harvester 900 Bami's Cinder 300