Null-Magic Mantle

Slightly increases Magic Resist

+25 Magic Resist
Builds Into

Mercury's Treads Increases Movement Speed and reduces duration of disabling effects 350 Spectre's Cowl Improves defense and grants regeneration upon being damaged 350 Negatron Cloak Moderately increases Magic Resist 270 Chalice of Harmony Increases Mana and Health Regeneration 100 Quicksilver Sash Activate to remove all crowd control debuffs 850 Hexdrinker Increases Attack Damage and Magic Resist 500 Aegis of the Legion Grants Armor and Magic Resistance 350 Locket of the Iron Solari Activate to shield nearby allies from damage 650 Banshee's Veil Periodically blocks enemy abilities 800 Adaptive Helm Reduces damage from repeated spells and effects. 1000