Divine Sunderer


40 Attack Damage
400 Health
20 Ability HasteSpellblade: After using an Ability, your next Attack is enhanced with an additional 10% target max Health physical damage On-Hit (1.5s cooldown). If the target is a champion, restore 50% of the enhanced damage (30% for Ranged owners).

Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items 5% Armor Penetration and 5% Magic Penetration.

Spellblade will deal a minimum of (150% base Attack Damage) damage to units, but no more than (250% base Attack Damage) damage to Monsters.
Builds From

Phage Attacks and kills give a small burst of speed 350 Sheen Grants a bonus to next attack after spell cast 700 Kindlegem Increases Health and Cooldown Reduction 400
Builds Into

Deicide 0