Amplifying Tome

Slightly increases Ability Power

20 Ability Power
Builds Into

Staff of Flowing Water Your heals and shields reduce crowd control and grant movement speed 630 Seeker's Armguard Increases Armor and Ability Power 265 Archangel's Staff Increases Ability Power based on maximum Mana 915 Fiendish Codex Increases Ability Power and Cooldown Reduction 465 Aether Wisp Increases Ability Power and Movement Speed 415 Nashor's Tooth Increases Attack Speed, Ability Power, and Cooldown Reduction 715 Rylai's Crystal Scepter Abilities slow enemies 815 Hextech Alternator Increases Ability Power. Deal bonus magic damage on attack periodically. 180 Ardent Censer Shield and heal effects on other units grant both of you Attack Speed and their attacks deal additional on-hit magic damage. 630 Lost Chapter Restores Mana upon levelling up. 80 Verdant Barrier 115 Oblivion Orb Increases magic damage 365 Cosmic Drive Massive amounts of Cooldown Reduction 865 Blighting Jewel 815 Leeching Leer 465 Demonic Embrace 815 Bandleglass Mirror 265