Also Known As


Health:528 Health Regen:7.5 Mana:334 Mana Regen:6 Attack Damage:55 Attack Speed:0.625 Armor:22 Magic Resist:30 Range:525 Movement Speed:340

Passive: Mirror Image
When LeBlanc drops below 40% Health, she becomes invisible for 1 second and creates a Mirror Image that deals no damage and lasts for up to 8 seconds.

Q: Sigil of Malice
LeBlanc projects a sigil, dealing damage and marking the target for 3.5 seconds. Damaging the marked target with an ability detonates the sigil, dealing additional damage.

W: Distortion
LeBlanc dashes to a location, dealing damage to enemies near her destination. For the next 4 seconds, activate Distortion again to return LeBlanc to her starting location.

E: Ethereal Chains
LeBlanc launches a chain that shackles the first enemy hit. If the target remains shackled for 1.5 seconds, LeBlanc roots them and deals additional damage.

R: Mimic
LeBlanc casts a mimicked version of one of her basic spells.

Ally Tips

  • Distortion allows you to be aggressive with your other spells while being able to return to safety.

  • Using Distortion can help your positioning to land Ethereal Chains.

  • You can chain Sigil of Malice and Ethereal Chains to prevent characters with blink from escaping for up to 4 seconds.

Opponent Tips

  • LeBlanc's ultimate can create fake LeBlancs during her spellcast or, rarely, at a distant position.

  • The fake LeBlanc created at a distance will always run at the nearest Champion, cast a harmless spell, then immediately disappear.

  • Attacking LeBlanc first avoids most of her tricks, especially if she's recently used her dash, Distortion.

  • Stunning or silencing LeBlanc will prevent her from activating the return part of Distortion.


Mysterious even to other members of the Black Rose cabal, LeBlanc is but one of many names for a pale woman who has manipulated people and events since the earliest days of Noxus. Using her magic to mirror herself, the sorceress can appear to anyone, anywhere, and even be in many places at once. Always plotting just out of sight, LeBlanc's true motives are as inscrutable as her shifting identity.